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Featured in Propel Women

Whitney shares her story of battling chronic pain for 10 years and the healing she found when she discovered the mind-body syndrome. By putting those tools to use, she is now chronic pain free.

Podcasts and Interviews

Embracing Difficult Moments | Canvas Rebel Magazine

Sometimes it is the difficult moments that can define and redirect the trajectory of our lives. One simple action did just that in Whitney's life and her openness to learn from it unlocked a passion within that now has her reaching out to others so they too can experience freedom from chronic pain.

The Reality of Fear | Life in Perspective Podcast

Have you ever experience a physical pain as a reaction to an emotion you were feeling? Well, even our bodies have the tendency to reject lies of the enemy! Join Brenda Palmer and her sister Whitney Wood as they discuss the realities of fear and how to align your thought life with what God said!

Overcoming Ten Years of Chronic Pain | This Wayfaring Life Podcast

Whit is an anointed worship leader, songwriter and most recently, a wellness coach for chronic pain. Today we unpack her journey of overcoming chronic pain after struggling with it for a decade. It's a story that gets raw as she describes how she spiritually navigated that painful season, the anger she had toward God and her choice to lean into her faith even in the midst of pain. Whit also shares on what led to her breakthrough and healing and how she is now coaching others to be set free from chronic pain.

How To Know When God is Speaking | Watch God Work Podcast

In this episode of Watch God Work with Lawrence Adjah we speak with Singer, Songwriter, and Wellness champion, Whitney Wood. The LA native is Singer, Songwriter and Worship leader is part of One House Worship Collective and is also the creator of Bebe and Bubba creating inspirational music for kids and their parents. As a vocalist, she’s toured with top billboard and Grammy charting artists and recently released the singles “Taking Care of Me” and “Help My Unbelief.” We discuss how to know when God is speaking to you, navigating chronic illness at the early peak of her music career, what to do when you're mad at God, working with Stevie Mackey and singing background vocals for Nicki Minaj, and much more.

Song of Restoration | The Pieces Podcast

Listen in as Whitney shares how she learned to navigate through the ‘middle’ of trials, how she dealt with feeling stuck and behind in life, the reality of not trusting God with everything, dealing with unbelief, shining her light in the music industry, and the importance of obedience and repentance.

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