When Desperation Meets Faith

Releasing You From the Captivity of Your Mind

21-Day Online Course

Discover the connection between the mind and body when it comes to chronic pain and other ailments. This 21-day course will empower you with the tools you will need to find freedom from chronic pain.

Mini Course Bundles

These mini-course bundles a sample of the topics that are covered in the 21-day course. Choose a theme and experience a part of what knowing about the the mind-body connection can do for you.

21 Day Online Course

We spend 21 days together through video sessions and course work at your own pace, to learn all there is to know about healing! I have created these sessions with your busy schedule in mind. Each day you will have 3 sessions which will take under an hour per day total. You can watch them all in one sitting or spread them throughout the day! We take time to talk through pain science, pain psychology and biblical integration into each day because each topic is so important.

You will be given a workbook which will include tools to try out on your own, because your experience throughout this course is most important. Each of us is so different, and certain techniques will work for some and some tools will work for others. It’s about what fits you best. At the end of the course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the mind-body syndrome, you will be given practical tools to feel empowered to reduce symptoms and sensations and you will have a deeper understanding of how God created you, sees you and loves you. You will have access to these sessions even after you finish the course to go back and rewatch anything you need a refresher on. 

Join me in learning how to walk in healing from Chronic Pain!

Mini Online Courses

Are you ready to unlearn everything you’ve ever known about chronic pain and disease? Pain is your brain’s opinion and as Dr. Alan Gordon says, the brain has many opinions. Have you ever wondered why you have more symptoms than the average person? Have you ever wondered why as you age, your body is seemingly “breaking down”? These are all good questions but the answer is nowhere near what you may have previously thought. These 3 sessions are to help give you a foundational understanding of the Mind Body Syndrome.

Sessions Included:

  1. What is the Mind-Body Syndrome?

  2. How to Tell If Your Symptoms are Mind-Body

  3. The Mind of Christ and Your Thought Life

Our brain and body are not 2 separate entities like we may have thought. Rather, the body is simply an extension to the brain. Physical pain and emotional pain are actually processed in the same part of the brain! Why is this important? An initial structural injury may heal but the pain signals can be perpetuated by things such as emotional repression, repressed trauma etc. It’s important to notice how hugely our emotional world impacts our physical world. These 3 sessions bring you into the basic of how emotions trigger pain.

Sessions Included:

  1. Emotional Repression Impacts the Mind & Body

  2. Most Common Repressed Emotions

  3. What Does the Bible Say About Our Emotions?

Do you have common thoughts of self hatred and self bashing? It is these very mindsets and thoughts that trigger our brain and nervous system and keep us in fight or flight. This is when we stay in chronic pain. This course is designed to help us learn the power of refocusing our thoughts from our symptoms to self compassion, cultivating fun/play and learning how to see ourselves the way God does; which rewires our brain and turns the alarm signal down. This begins the healing process of the brain and nervous system which will cause our symptoms to lessen nd eventually go away.

Sessions Included:

  1. The Healing Power of Self Compassion

  2. The Importance of Fun & Play! No Really! It's Important!

  3. Submission of Your Whole Body to Christ

Oftentimes when we develop and illness or chronic pain, we isolate ourselves to the point of feeling so lonely, thinking that no one else knows how we feel. This puts us deeper and deeper into unhealthy habits and coping mechanisms. Having a healthy community is vital for not only emotional/mental/spiritual health but it is imperative for physical health. This course takes you through why community is many people’s missing component in their healing journey.

Sessions Included:

  1. Why Community is Important For Healing

  2. What Does the Bible Teach Us About Community?

  3. Building Real Community

Chronic pain in the body is an epidemic of fear in the mind. Did you know that the brain processes physical pain and emotional pain in the exact same place? So if we are having unhealthy thoughts that are repeated over and over and over in our mind, they may be keeping the brain and nervous system in a state of panic. This state of panic keeps the pain going in your body. We must learn how our thoughts are deeply intertwined with our pain so we can learn how to change the thoughts. Once the thoughts are changed, the pain goes away.

Sessions Included:

  1. Imposter Syndrome's Effect on Pain

  2. Rewiring Your Self Talk

  3. You Have the Mind of Christ

Our brain and nervous system find a false sense of safety in isolation and loneliness. How can this be? Our brain isn’t concerned about our well being, it’s concerned about making sure we are out of harm’s way. Harm to a heightened nervous system can be conflict, childhood trauma, avoiding uncomfortable emotions that we try to repress, even healthy people can feel dangerous when we’re used to chaos. We feel safe when we’re alone even though we feel trapped in a prison. Healing has to happen in the safety of being seen and known by God and by safe people. God created us and knows us more intimately than we know ourselves. Brain and nervous system regulation happen when in proximity to God and to others, this allows us to turn the danger signal down and begin the healing process.

Sessions Included:

  1. Being Seen and Known By God

  2. Being Seen and Known By Others

  3. Emotional Repression Impacts the Mind and the Body

To heal, we have to feel, and that can be so uncomfortable for many. But, oftentimes we’re afraid to feel the good feelings like joy and gratitude because we’ve become so accustomed to disappointment, sadness, grief, hopelessness. We actually have to teach ourselves and practice how to create actual thoughts of thankfulness and leaning into God and allowing Him to transform our thoughts. It doesn’t happen in one day, it happens over time as we practice and make these healing thoughts habitual. If you’ve learned a negative thought all your life, it will take some time to replace that negative thought with a more positive one that actually feels real to you. Fake it til you make it is not biblical nor is it believable to the brain. Let’s create thoughts that heal your mind, body and soul. 

Sessions Included:

  1. The Power of Gratitude: It’s Not “Fake It Til You Make It”

  2. Neuroplasticity and the Body 

  3. Biblical Meditation and Mindfulness 

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