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My Experience with Mind-Body

I have battled about a decade with chronic pain. For so long it controlled my identity and I felt like I had no hope for any relief. I tried everything, wasting time and money; resorting to a life where I constantly wore a mask trying to “look normal.” This led to an excruciating sense of loneliness and helplessness. About three years ago, I came across Dr. John Sarno’s work, a medical doctor who described a new philosophy to healing I had never heard of before him. This kick started my journey into learning about the mind-body syndrome. Because of him, my chronic pain therapist and countless resources I have poured through, trying to find an answer to my many questions, I have found a peace and relief from chronic pain that I never knew was possible. Don’t get me wrong, life is full of pain and heartache but we don’t have to be bound to chronic pain and illness like we thought. Because of my testimony, I am passionate about sharing all that I’ve learned to help others walk in a new way of freedom.

I have created Wisdom and Wellness, LLC, with you in mind, and it is based on Isaiah 61:1 “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the afflicted; He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to captives and freedom to prisoners.” My passion is to help “set the captives free” from chronic pain as well as empower emotional, spiritual and mental health through our podcast, Wisdom and Wellness with WHIT, When Desperation Meets Faith e-book and 21 Day Course that will take us through the mind-body syndrome and how it impacts your life. 

Mind-Body Syndrome Overview 

Pain is a warning signal meant to protect us. Our brain and nervous system send pain signals to tell us something is wrong. Danger is signaled in the brain’s neural circuitry when the brain and nervous system are functioning in “fight or flight”. Pain warnings can be sent in response to physical danger as well as be a distraction from anxiety, stress and repressed emotion/trauma that’s attempting to surface from the subconscious to consciousness, which the brain deems too scary. Our attention and preoccupation with symptoms cause them to become learned neural pathways. A hyper vigilant brain and nervous system will always find danger even when there is none. Learned neural pathways can keep firing after an injury has been healed, causing the pain to continue. We can turn down the danger signals in the brain and nervous system by lowering our fear and preoccupation of symptoms by instilling safety and changing neural pathways that are reinforcing the pain signals.

Mind-Body Resources

Free 30 Minute Training Video

Have you ever wondered how and why chronic pain and auto-immune disease happen in the body? Have you heard about the Mind-Body Syndrome and still have no clue what it really means? We’ve been told so many historic perspectives around our body and how it attacks itself, but the truth is, pain is a protective mechanism. Our body, in tandem with our brain and nervous system are always functioning to keep us safe. Now, safety doesn’t mean healthy. Safety to the primitive brain means keeping us away from anything that reminds it of that dangerous bear or lion. Yet we’re not fighting for survival in our civilization, we’re living with repressed emotions and trauma that keep our brain in danger mode. We’re navigating mid life crisis at the age of 20 and 30 because of all the pressure to live up to certain standards and people please. There’s many different ways our brains and nervous systems have been kept in “fight, flight, freeze, or fawn mode which causes disregulation and dysfunction. Even when we have an initial structural injury, the brain and nervous system can keep pain signaling through neuroplasticity in the brain. Take this 30 minute free training to learn how our brain, nervous system and body are responsible for chronic pain.

Online Courses

Discover the keys to freedom from chronic pain. Learn about the mind-body connection while engaging in biblical truths about healing. You will gain practical tools to implement today!

When Desperation Meets Faith

Learn the key steps to start your healing journey as I share my own story of how I found freedom from chronic pain. This ebook shares my experience with the mind-body syndrome.

Free Online Assessment

Take this free assessment that could help you determine if your chronic pain is the mind-body syndrome. Awareness and education is one of the first steps. Try it now!


A podcast for your mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. A space to learn and grow and maybe even be challenged, just a little bit!

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Mind-Body Resources

I am so passionate about living a life of freedom that I want to share what I am learning with anyone who will listen. Click the link to see the wealth of resources to help you on your journey.

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