What's Wrong With Me?

A Free 3-Day Challenge to Discover the Truth Behind Your Chronic Pain

(It’s likely not what you’ve been told!)

February 28 - March 1

Daily Meetup 8am

Let’s finally silence that little voice in your head saying:

• “I will live with pain forever”

• “My illness is different so I will always be sick”

• “My doctor showed me scans &

diagnosed me, I’m too broken to heal”

• “Others can find healing, but I can’t”

If you’ve been in pain for years and can’t figure out just what is wrong with you, you’ve come to the right place. You’ve felt alone and like nobody knows what you’re going through. Maybe you’ve tried tons of treatments, or no treatments and you’re completely confused and exhausted to start anywhere. I empathize with you more than you know.

I struggled with chronic pain for 10 years of my life. I tried every kind of doctor, medication, supplement, IV treatment, chiropractor, physical therapist; if you’ve tried it, I probably have too. I spent years of my life being told something was wrong with me, so I put the task on myself to find out what it was I needed to heal. I tested positive for every kind of lab that was run, so my pain and symptoms had to be the result of that.

I had CT scans and internal scans to get to the root of the pain. Time and time again; treatment after treatment; diagnosis after diagnosis; nothing ever helped. I believe I was too broken to heal. I spent all my money trying the latest wellness hacks, eating the perfect diet and still nothing worked.

I decided to give up. I didn’t want to try anymore. I didn’t want to have hope anymore. I was so numb to all the anger, grief, confusion, and pain I was feeling. I just decided to succumb to the lonely, painful life ahead of me.

One day on Instagram, I came across Dr. John Sarno and his book ‘Healing Back Pain”, and he opened me up to a whole new model of treating and healing pain. I figured I had nothing to lose by reading a $10 book and let me tell you, it completely changed my life and renewed my faith in my body and my healing. I thought it was too good to be true.

It took me a few years to really internalize and implement these principles and healing model. I thought it was amazing and could work for everyone… except for me. It wasn’t until I partnered with my coach that I really began to feel empowered and like I could actually do this!

That's why I created this 3-day challenge to help partner with you as you start to look at your healing from a completely new perspective. It can feel exciting and scary and even too good to be true, but I am going to be with you, reminding you how God created you, and helping you learn how your body is actually doing what it is supposed to be doing. It’s not broken. You’re not broken.

3 Day Challenge to Discover the Truth of Your Pain

Challenge Includes:

• Pain Psychology Lessons

• Biblical Integration to living with the Mind of Christ

• Live interaction with Whitney and community members

• Daily practices to implement

Your health is worth taking one more risk!

Whitney is trained in Pain Reprocessing Therapy. She suffered from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, chronic migraines, food allergies, IBS, nausea, fainting, torn rotator cuffs in shoulders, arthritis… She became a professional singer, touring the world with artists such as Demi Lovato and singing background vocals for Charlie Puth, Alicia Keys, Little Big Town, Nicki Minaj, Stevie Wonder, etc… and worship artists Chandler Moore, Amanda Cooke, Naomi Raine, Tasha Cobbs, One House Worship, Abbie Gamboa, Gateway Worship and many more.

She suffered for years with pain while trying to pursue her passion for music. Having to take time off, she decided to quit music because she thought she would never be able to sing and live the hectic life of a musician with her health. Finding the mind-body syndrome saved her life.

What do you have to lose?

You either keep going down this confusing and scary path on your own, trying random supplements and treatments you see on social media, or you partner with someone who actually healed from chronic pain and autoimmune disease. If you don’t act now, nothing will change. You deserve so much more than a pain riddled life.

God created you too intentionally and wonderfully to not live out the call on your life!

Break Up With Fear

Online Workshop

Fear isolates, immobilizes and steals creative energy. It can be stealthy, masquerading as wisdom. It leaves us hiding, grasping, pretending, numbing out. And it takes its toll on our lives–spiritually, physically, emotionally, relationally. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can break up with fear and live from a place of freedom, fueled by love.

Join us for authentic conversation and practical tools enabling you to cut the ties with a fear driven life. It is time to live the life you were designed to live. It's time to come alive!

It’s time to come alive!